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This dedicated web page is the ideal place for everyone who is looking for practical advice related to door locks, keys and other security devices. The tips which are shared here are highly useful in various situations. They cover different important topics in the locksmith industry and will definitely help you a lot.

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Change locks in a new place

Whether you’re moving to a new house, apartment or office, our experts recommend having all locks in the new place changed. You don’t know who else may have copies of the keys to the property. To make sure that only you have access to it, change the locks so the old keys would no longer work.

Do not leave keys in obvious places

Some of the common places where homeowners leave their keys are under a flowerpot or under a doormat. These are the first places that thieves would check so make sure not to leave keys there. If you can’t bring the keys with you, leave them to a trusted neighbor.

Unify your locks to one key

Many homeowners become frustrated while carrying around a number of keys all day long that all look the same and then can't find the exact one that unlocks the door they need to open in a hurry. We can unify your locks and create just one key that opens all the similar locks in your home, saving you the frustration of having to fumble through your pocket or purse to find the right key every time. Give us a call to unify your locks today.

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